Why Choose Philosophy at CEU?

Why choose philosophy?

Why choose the CEU Department of Philosophy?

CEU’s Philosophy Department is internationally recognized as one of the top analytic philosophy programs in continental Europe. Its faculty has published in the best journals and presses in the world.  

  • The Department was ranked #34 in the QS World University Subject ranking in 2023.   
  • The Department was among a handful of universities outside English-speaking countries in the 100 target departments of the Philpapers Survey both in 2009 and 2020
  • The Department uniquely combines analytic and historical approaches to philosophy. This feature of our program allows for a fruitful dialogue between contemporary philosophy and its history. 
  • The Department closely cooperates with CEU’s Departments of Cognitive Science, Political Science and Historical Studies offering cross-listed courses with these departments. 
  • The Department has a weekly colloquium series with guest lecturers of international stature and a chance for students to meet with them in an informal setting. See here the list of past events and upcoming events. 
  • The Department hosts, or is a member of, a number of international research projects and networks, which bring intellectually exciting events to the department and provide opportunities for our students to establish further connections. 
  • The Department has a number of Erasmus agreements with universities in Europe. 

Why choose our programs?

  • Our programs are accredited both in Austria and in the US. 
  • Financial aid in form of stipends or tuition discounts is available to both MA and PhD students. The overwhelming majority of MA students in the Department of Philosophy receive some form of financial aid. All PhDs are fully funded. 
  • The Department has placed its PhD alumni with permanent or tenure track full-time positions at leading universities in Bulgaria, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and elsewhere. Others currently have researcher or postdoc positions in US, UK, German and other universities.  
  • Our MA programs prepare students to continue their studies at leading PhD programs, and many of its alumni have continued their studies at top universities, especially in the US, UK and other English-speaking countries. Our MA students pursued degrees for example at Cornell, Princeton, the University of Texas, Austin, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Cambridge, Brown, the University of California, Riverside, the University of Virginia, the University of Toronto. 
  • We believe that philosophy is an ideal subject for those who are interested in rigorous thinking and applications to the most fundamental questions in practically all aspects of life and thought. To get an insight into a faculty debate of a philosophical question you can watch Katalin Farkas and Tim Crane debating if intentionality is the mark of the mental. 

Student Testimonial

Abul shapes his future at the Philosophy Department at CEU. Click the above image to watch Abul's testimonial. 

Why choose CEU?

CEU is an English-language university with an exceptionally diverse international community, with students coming from over 100 countries and no dominant nationality, which makes for an unusually stimulating environment, both intellectually and socially. 

  • CEU is located in Vienna, Austria, which was ranked as the world’s most liveable city in 2023. 
  • CEU is a largely post-graduate institution with a small undergraduate student body. Students receive a great deal of personal attention, and classes have a low student/professor ratio. 
  • CEU has a student services division providing for various practical, personal and social needs of its students. Cultural events from music and dance to art and regional based programs are offered regularly as are language courses including courses in German. 
  • CEU’s environment is friendly, informal and supportive.