Welcome. The CEU Department of Philosophy offers Master's and Doctoral level education up to the standards of the best international institutions, and its programs are accredited in the United States as well as in Hungary. Master's graduates obtain positions in academia and in the private and public sectors. Doctoral graduates generally find employment at research institutes and universities. The Department uniquely combines analytic, historical and continental approaches to philosophy. This feature allows for a fruitful dialogue between contemporary philosophy and its history as well as between the analytic and continental traditions.

Upcoming Events

Saturday August 12

Torin Alter, David Bourget, David Chalmers, Sam Coleman, Philip Goff, Robert Howell, Tom McClelland, Angela Mendelovici, Yujin Nagasawa, Jakub Mihalik, Barbara Montero, Hedda Hassel Mørch, Adam Pautz, Luke Roelofs, Susan Schneider
9:00am to 7:00pm

Tuesday October 03

DOROTHEA FREDE (Universität Hamburg)
3:30pm to 5:10pm

Friday October 13