György Gergely


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Oktober 6 u. 7
1st floor, Room 111.

György Gergely has done his graduate studies in psychology at University College London and Columbia University where he received his PhD in experimental psycholinguistics. He has also earned a second PhD in Clinical Child Psychology from the HIETE University, Budapest. His main research interests are: Social and cognitive development and cultural learning in infancy and early childhood, action understanding, theory of mind, and developmental psychopathology. He has published books and papers in three broad areas of research and theory: a) cognitive science, b) cognitive and socio-emotional development, and c) clinical and psychoanalytic developmental theory, and developmental psychopathology.


2006 Dr. Habil. Cognitive Neuroscience Doctoral Program, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
2002 D. Sc. Degree in Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1986 Ph.D. Degree in Psychology, Columbia University, Experimental Psycholinguistics Program,
1997 Ph.D. Degree in Clinical Child Psychology, Qualified Clinical Child Psychologist, HIETE University, Budapest
1980 M. Phil. Degree in Psychology, University College, London
1978 B.Sc. Degree in Social Psychology, The London School of Economics and Political Sciences
2007- Academic Research Faculty Member, University College London/The Anna Freud Centre, London
2009 Honorary Member of the Hungarian Psychoanalytic Association

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