Gergely Csibra


Contact information

Oktober 6 u. 7
1st floor, Room 109.
+36 1 328 3661

My research focuses on various aspects of cognitive development in human infants. Specifically, I study infants' visual processing from the level of spatial attention and eye-movement control through the intermediate levels of object and face perception to the level of interpretation of observed actions in terms of goals and understanding of communicative signals. I am also interested in how cognitive processes are accomplished by the human brain and how cognitive development can be explained by the neural development in infancy. Beyond behavioral measures, I use high-density event-related potentials and near-infrared spectoscropy (optical imaging) to measure the on-line functioning of the brain while infants are engaged in various activities.

Students Supervised:

Johannes Mahr
Rubeena Shamsudheen
Denis Tatone