MA Graduates 2015/16

MA 1 year

Damjan Aleksiev
Supervisor: Philip Goff
Thesis: Russellian Monism: why do we need it and why it is not enough

Errol Ball
Supervisor: Maria Kronfeldner
Thesis: Natural Kinds without Traditional Essences: a case for nominalism

Puja Ghosh
Supervisor: David Weberman
Thesis: Poetry as a Means to Philosophical Truth

Nino Kadic
Supervisor: Philip Goff
Thesis: A Conscious Universe: Panpsychism and Cosmopsychism

Anthony Skoviak
Supervisor: Simon Rippon
Thesis: The Problems of Formally Modelling Virtue Ethics

MA 2 years

Zoe Clements
Supervisor: Emma Bullock
Thesis: The Value of Emotion: Decision-making and Emotional Competence

Zhiwei Gu
Supervisor: Hanoch Ben-Yami
Thesis: A Wittgenstainian Critique to the Truthmaker Maximalism

Máté Herner
Supervisor: István Bodnár
Thesis: Plato's World soul and its antecedents in Heraclitus' cosmology

Xu Huaming
Supervisor: Ferenc Huoranszki
Thesis: Practical Knowledge and Causation: An Anscombian Account

Perica Jovchevski
Supervisor: Zoltán Miklósi
Thesis: Recognition and identity politics

Chris Kalaitzidis
Supervisor: David Weberman
Thesis: Kierkegaard's Philosophy of Erotic Love

Abdulhakim Legamo
Supervisor: Simon Rippon
Thesis: Government Propaganda and Autonomy

Kei Takahashi
Supervisor: János Kis
Thesis: Toward A Pluralistic Account of Political Obligation: The Hybrid Theory of Associative and Natural Duties

Tabitha Taylor
Supervisor: Ferenc Huoranszki
Thesis: Moral Responsibility and Manipulation