MA Graduates 2011/2012

MA 1 year 

Éva Mária Bekő
Supervisor: Howard Robinson
Thesis Title: Is Astrology Necessarily a Pseudoscience?

László Kajtár
Supervisor: David Weberman
Thesis Title: The Narrativity Condition as a Necessary Condition of Personal Identity

Magdolna Nyulászi
Supervisor: Gábor Betegh
Thesis Title: The Ontological Foundations of the Stoic Theory of Identity and Individuation

Milos Radovanovic
Supervisor: Ferenc Huoranszki
Thesis Title: Counterfactuals and Causation: Transitivity

Tamara Rendulic
Supervisor: Michael Griffin
Thesis Title: Pyrrhonism and Cartesianism: external world and aliens

MA 2 years

Kamuran Osmanoglu
Supervisor: Andrés Moles
Thesis Title: Character Traits, Situationism, and Cross-Cultural Research Are There Global Character Traits: An Empirical Challenge Against Situationism

Edi Pavlovic
Supervisor: István Bodnár
Thesis Title: Bringing Logic Closer to Natural Language: A Non-model-theoretic Completeness Proof for Hanoch Ben-Yami's Logic of Quantification with Plural Subjects