First Meeting of the CEU and University of Vienna Philosophy Departments

Open to the Public
3rd floor, lecture room 3D
Friday, October 4, 2019 - 9:30am
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Friday, October 4, 2019 - 9:30am to 6:00pm

In October 2019, CEU opens its campus in Vienna. The purpose of this one-day conference is for the CEU Philosophy Department and the Philosophy Department of the University of Vienna to begin to get to know each other, as the beginning of what we hope to be a long and happy relationship.


9.30 George Karamanolis (Uni Wien) 'The Invention of Value'
10.00 Hanoch Ben-Yami (CEU) ‘The Contingency of Origin’

10.30 Coffee/Tea break

11.00 Angela Kallhoff (Uni Wien) 'Climate Change and Collective Action'
11.30 Ferenc Huoránszki (CEU) ‘Actions without Causes’
12.00 Felix Pinkert (Uni Wien) 'The Modal Nature of Non-Discrimination'

12.30 Lunch break

14.00 Kati Farkas (CEU) ‘The Unity of Knowledge’
14.30 Violetta Waibel (Uni Wien) 'Feelings, Morality, Humans in their Entirety. A Dialogue between Kant and Schiller 'How Geometry became Structural'
15.00 David Weberman (CEU) ‘Two Hermeneutic Reasons for Relativism’

15.30 coffee break

16.00 Georg Schiemer (Uni Wien) TBC
16.30 Tim Crane (CEU) ‘What is Psychological Reality?’
17.00 Reception

18.00 End