Exclusion and Inclusion in Context Track

The Department of History and the Department of Philosophy are proud to announce a new track as part of the Departments' PhD-programs, funded by CEU's Intellectual Themes Initiative, the History and Philosophy Joint PhD Track in the thematic area

Exclusion and Inclusion on Context: The Invention of Humanity and Dehumanization


See Call for Applications for two new and fully funded interdisciplinary Joint PhD Fellowships starting in the 2019/2020 academic year for download below (Application deadline: Jan 31, 2019).

About the program: The CEU Joint PhD Fellowship Scheme entails co-supervision by expert faculty members from the Department of Philosophy and Department of History, who are already engaged in ongoing research in the designated thematic area, e.g., as part of the project The Epistemology of the In/Human. One Fellow will pursue a PhD in Philosophy and the other one a PhD in Comparative History

Details about the Thematic Area: Social inclusion and exclusion happens across time and space, but how it happens depends on specific historical and cultural contexts. In addition, differences (or changes) in ‘how it happens’ correlate with differences (or changes) in the assumed social ontology that underpins inclusion and exclusion. In this latter regard, the focus of the PhD projects shall be on the social ontology underpinning the phenomenon standardly called “dehumanization” – that some people are regarded as not or as less human, two versions of exclusion that are prominent in the history of ideas and sciences.

For more information on the thematic area, contact the Inclusion/Exclusion Joint PhD Program Directors, Laszlo Kontler (history) and Maria Kronfeldner (philosophy). 

For more on the specifics of the PhD track and the application process, see the Call for Application.