Zlata Bozac

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I hold MA degrees in political science from the University of Zagreb and Central European University. My main interests lie in the area of political philosophy, more specifically theories of justice, with a special focus on the scope of justice, democratic theory, and questions of political obligation. My doctoral research, supervised by Zoltan Miklosi, is focused on providing a leftlibertarian account on global justice. The idea is to explore and problematise different clusters of issues that such a theory has to address in order to be deemed successful. To fulfil this task, I intend to explore different conceptions of ownership and self-ownership, to look into compatibility between left-libertarian premises and equality, legitimacy of coercive institutions, and finally to explore the place and the status of the present nation states in left-libertarianism. Besides my main research focus, I am also interested in boundary problem in democratic theory, egalitarian ethos and choice architecture, and human rights. As of academic year 2015/2016, I have been presiding over the research group in Political, Moral and Legal Theory, POLEMO (more info at: https://polemo.ceu.edu/)


PhD Candidate

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