Ruben Noorloos

Year of Enrollment: 

My research explores the possible applications of mind-body parallelism in contemporary philosophy of mind. At present, mind-body parallelism is a badly understood position: basic questions, such as whether it is a form of dualism or monism, what relations (if any) it has to panpsychism, and how its denial of mind-body interaction is to be understood, are still far from resolution. In addition, there are questions about the historical basis of the view we now call "parallelism" in authors such as Spinoza and Leibniz, and about its relation to the 19th-century movement of "psychophysical parallelism" in empirical psychology (Fechner, Mach, Clifford). Focusing on Spinoza in particular, I try to formulate a form of mind-body parallelism that is as cogent as possible, and attempt to progress towards an answer on some of these questions. In doing so I hope to show in particular that it steers an interesting and powerful middle ground between dualist and materialist positions.

I have co-authored two papers on topics in the philosophy of education. These can be accessed through my Researchgate profile, linked below.


MA Philosophy, Utrecht University
BA Liberal Arts & Sciences, Utrecht University