Matthew Baxendale

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I am currently working on my PhD in Philosophy at CEU Budapest. Before that I completed my MA at The University of Sheffield and my BA at Queen's Belfast. My current focus is on the Layer Cake Model and its role in contemporary post-unity accounts of levels of organisation and scientific explanation. In my dissertation I argue that despite a heavy focus on rejecting theory reduction, the framework within which that reduction was supposed to occur - the layer cake model - has been neglected. Thus, a scientifically unwarranted account of levels of organisation has managed to persist in philosophy and continues to affect debates in philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and metaphysics. I am currently exploring the issues that fall out of a thorough-going rejection of the layer cake model, particularly for theories of causation, as well as epistemological and ontological pluralism. I also maintain a research interest in the Vienna Circle, particularly the work of Otto Neurath. Outside of my dissertation work I am currently collaborating on projects in philosophy of mind, mechanistic explanation, and the extended mind hypothesis.

For the academic year 2016/17 I will be at the University of Salzburg thanks to receiving an Ernst Mach grant from the OeAD.


2014 MA Philosophy, The University of Sheffield
2013 BA (Hons) Philosophy, Queen's University Belfast
2012 SAPHERE Level 1 Teaching - Philosophy for Children



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