Marko Konjovic

Year of Enrollment: 

I am currently a PhD Candidate at the CEU's Philosophy department, where I also worked as a Teaching Assistant for several courses over the years.

My primary areas of philosophical interest are contemporary (analytical) political and moral philosophy, with a particular focus on caring relationships (marriage, parent-child relationships, and friendship) and theories of social justice. In my PhD thesis, I examine the importance of caring relationships for our lives to go well and whether, and if so how, the state should regulate citizens' caring relationships. I also have related interests in the history of political thought, moral psychology, philosophy of love and sex, procreative ethics, various issues in applied ethics, and feminism.

I received a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Belgrade, and an MA in Philosophy from the CEU.


University of Belgrade, BA, 2011
University of Belgrade, MA, 2013
Central European University, MA, 2013
Central European University, PhD, in progress