Hongkai Yin

Year of Enrollment: 

My specialization is formal logic and related philosophical issues. Following the work of my supervisor, Hanoch Ben-Yami, I am studying alternative syntax and semantics for classical logic and its extensions. (‘Alternative’ in the sense of departing from the syntax of first-order logic and model-theoretic semantics.) Some promising results have already been achieved in our research, which has focused on the Quantified Argument Calculus (Quarc), a newly designed formal language, and Truth-valuational Semantics, a semantic approach we are trying to revive.

I am currently working on Tableaux for Quarc and its modal extensions. I have proved the soundness and completeness of a basic modal version of Quarc, with Tableaux being the proof system.


MA in Philosophy, Central European University
BA in Philosophy, Renmin University of China