Caglan Cinar Dilek

I finished my Bachelor and Master degrees in philosophy at Bogazici University Istanbul and right now I am a PhD candidate at CEU. My primary area of interest is philosophy of mind, and secondarily philosophy of art and political philosophy.

I work on theories of Self-Consciousness, focusing on Higher-Order Theories, Self-Representational Accounts and non-representative alternatives like Phenomenological Approaches. In parallel I am also working on metaphysical theories of consciousness such as physicalism and panpsychism to construct a foundation for my thesis and relate it to my theory-to-be on state-consciousness.

In general, I am also interested in mindreading, joint action, perception and action, and try to understand consciousness and self in relation to these relevant areas both in philosophy and cognitive science.

I have taught 2 courses titled "Introduction to Philosophy of Art" at undergraduate level at Istanbul Technical University.


Bogazici University Istanbul - BA in Philosophy
Bogazici University Istanbul - MA in Philosophy
Bogazici University Istanbul - Certificate in Film Studies