CEU Philosophy Department expresses solidarity with Uladzimir Matskevich

February 14, 2022
The CEU Philosophy Department expresses solidarity with Uladzimir Matskevicha philosopher and a forceful critique of public affairs in Belarus. Matskevitch has been detained since 4 August 2021, but his case is not investigated and is not moving forward. We are deeply concerned about this case, and we call for Uladzimir Matskevitch's immediate release.

Tim Crane is appointed as Pro-Rector for Teaching and Learning

February 11, 2022

CEU’s Senate and Board of Trustees have approved the establishment of five new Pro-Rector roles to provide oversight for all CEU areas of operation at the Senior Leadership Team level.

Professor Tim Crane is Pro-Rector for Teaching and Learning, responsible for masters and non-degree programs in Academic Departments, Undergraduate Studies, the Center for Academic Writing, the Center for Teaching and Learning, Romani studies, the Open Learning Initiative, Source Language Teaching Group, the Socrates Project and Dean of Students.

PhD award winners 2022

February 10, 2022

It is great pleasure to announce this year’s PhD award winners who have shown academic excellence in spite of the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic poses in all of our lives.  

The University Doctoral Committee has decided to award the achievements of the following doctoral philosophy students.

Successful Defense of Zsolt Kapelner

January 18, 2022

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce the successful defense of the PhD Dissertation by

Zsolt Kapelner
Ruling together: An account of the value of democracy

Members of the Defense Committee:

Alumni Scholarship Recipients

October 21, 2021

This year 2 Philosophy students received CEU Alumni Scholarship. Congratulation to Joao Pinheiro da Silva and Shabnam Singla.