MA Graduates 2022/23

MA 1 Year

Zach Boynton
Supervisor: David Weberman
Thesis: Being and Health

Ronan Brooks
Supervisor: David Weberman
Thesis: From Structures of Sound to Expressions of Emotion in Music: A Defense of Formalism

Noah Landay
Supervisor: Hanoch Ben-Yami
Thesis: Why There is No Problem of Normative Legal Language: A Reply to Joseph Raz

Ludovica Medaglia
Supervisor: Michael Vance Griffin
Thesis: A Bundle Theory of Universals with Metaphysical Indeterminacy: How to Free the Bundle Theory of Universals from the Commitment to the Identity of Indiscernibles

Jesse Schmeizer
Supervisor: Gyorgy Gereby
Thesis: Friendship: The Foundation of Moral Sense

MA 2 Years

Balint Bekefi
Supervisor: Michael Vance Griffin
Thesis: Engaging Oppy's Metaphilosophy of Religion: Arguments, Worldviews, and Disagreement

Maria Fedorova
Supervisor: Timothy Martin Crane
Thesis: Phenomenal Knowledge is Objectual Knowledge

Frank Hernandez Gutierrez
Supervisor: Maria Kronfeldner
Thesis: With Miracles at the Limit … a functional-externalist and perspectival account of scientific progress

Ecem Kavaz
Supervisor: Katalin Farkas
Thesis: Degrees of Knowledge

Rafal Klosek
Supervisor: Cathy Mason
Thesis: Taking responsibility for wrongs done by others

Pavlo Kostin
Supervisor: Katalin Farkas
Thesis: Being Wrong in an Extra-Moral Sense Establishing Degrees of Accountability for Epistemic Failures

Ali Mousareza
Supervisor: Maria Kronfeldner
Thesis: Social structural explanations and hylomorphic theories of social groups

Fumiya Nachigami
Supervisor: Hanoch Ben-Yami
Thesis: Causation and Identification: Study on Strawson's Descriptive and Connective Investigations

Joao Pinheiro Da Silva
Supervisor: Istvan Bodnar
Thesis: A Hole Without the Whole: Hylomorphism Against the Causal Closure of the Physical 

Jooseppi Räikkönen
Supervisor: Asya Passinsky
Thesis: Credit Where Credit is Due: The Credit Theory of Money as a Claim about Constitutive Social Construction

Ayda Uzel
Supervisor: Asya Passinsky
Thesis: Ignorance: What Is So Wrong With It?

Abul Yerlan
Supervisor: Michael Vance Griffin
Thesis: On the Eternity of Modal Essences in Spinoza's Ethics