MA Graduates 2019/20

MA 1 year

Jacob Cherry
Supervisor: David Weberman
Thesis: Let the Dead Bury the Dead”: A Heideggerian Solution to What We Owe to the Dead

Vasko Kelic
Supervisor: Andres Moles
Thesis: Weighting Capabilities

Dong-Geun Kim
Supervisor: István Bodnár
Thesis: Plato’s Conception of Mathematical Entities in Republic VI

Aleksandra Knezevic
Supervisor: Christophe Heinz
Thesis: Can Social Sciences be Naturalized?

Andrej Tomic
Supervisor: Ferenc Huoranszki
Thesis: A Defence of the Agent-causal Libertarianism

Ivan Yordanov
Supervisor: Michael Griffin
Thesis: Modal Knowledge in the Ontology of Possible Worlds

MA 2 years

Fatma Betül Aydin
Supervisor: Nenad Miscecvic
Thesis: Emile As a Thought Experiment

Tertia Davis
Supervisor: Katalin Farkas
Thesis: Extended Minds and Group Agents

Gabriel Dumet
Supervisor: Ferenc Huoranszki
Thesis: Against Truthmaking as Grounding

Duje Kovacevic
Supervisor: Andres Moles
Thesis: Assisted dying, Depression and Patient Autonomy: A Paternalist Account

Justin Leuba
Supervisor: Simon Rippon
Thesis: A Political Ontology of Prisons

Meri Mesropyan
Supervisor: David Weberman
Thesis: Henri Bergson’s and Edmund Husserl’s Intuitionisms

Emmanuel Nyarko
Supervisor: Katalin Farkas
Thesis: Objectivity in the Social Lens

Patrick Squatriti
Supervisor: Janos Kiss
Thesis: Against Competence - The Value of Democratic Incompetence

Can Kayas
Supervisor: Andres Moles
Thesis: Defending Speech from Its Enemies: The Limits and Limitations of Libertarian Free Speech

Dusan Arsovski
Supervisor: Simon Rippon
Thesis: Mass participation and rhetoric in deliberative democracy