MA Graduates 2016/17

MA 1 year

Stella Fillmore-Patrick
Supervisor: Hanoch Ben-Yami
Thesis: What is wrong with action at a distance?

Frederick Hoveman
Supervisor: Howard Robinson
Thesis: Perception, Realism and Materialism

Laura Nicoara
Supervisor: Hanoch Ben-Yami
Thesis: Carnapian Deflationism in Metaontology: Drawing the Limits of What Can Be Achieved by the Internal/External Distinction

Jasmine Opie
Supervisor: János Kis
Thesis: Epistemic Justice and Expanding Horizons in Cross-Cultural Understanding

MA 2 year

Olesya Bondarenko
Supervisor: Maria Kronfeldner
Thesis: Two Theories Better Than One? Integration and Epistemic Values in Research on Sexual Orientation

Daniel Dzah
Supervisor: Zoltán Miklósi
Thesis: Collective Remedial Responsibility And Historical Injustice: The Capacity Cut

Marek Iwaniak
Supervisor: Philip Goff
Thesis: Christian Atheism and Religious Fictionalism

Arash Khorashadi
Supervisor: Hanoch Ben-Yami
Thesis: On the edge of an Abyss: Wittgenstein On Religious Expressions

Anders Yuk-Pui Lam
Supervisor: Simon Rippon
Thesis: Evolutionary Debunking: Can Moral Realism Resist the Epistemological Challenge?

Andrew Pearson
Supervisor: Simon Rippon
Thesis: Child-focused Arguments Against Procreation

Rachel Sanderoff
Supervisor: Matthias Reidl
Thesis: Ecce distentio est uita mea: St. Augustine's philosophy of time in and beyond Confessions XI

Bhavya Gopal Sharma
Supervisor: Philip Goff
Thesis: The Universe as the Manifestation of Brahman: Physicalism, Russellian Monism, and Advaita Vedanta

Ethelred Kai Hong Tang
Supervisor: Nenad Miscevic
Thesis: Aesthetic Basis: A reenactment Account of the Aesthetic

Alin-Paul Varciu
Supervisor: Ferenc Huoranszki
Thesis: Kant's Model of Causality in terms of Essences