Ludovica Medaglia (MA 2023)

My name is Ludovica Medaglia and currently I am a PhD student in Philosophy at Princeton University. Before coming to Princeton, I have been a MA student in Classics at Scuola Normale Superiore and University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy) and in Philosophy at CEU.

I discovered my deep interest in Ancient Philosophy in Berlin: I was participating in an exchange to study ancient Hebrew, but I was fascinated by a course on Plato’s Republic. Since then I have pursued my passion for Philosophy travelling and getting to know new fields and approaches. Indeed, after that in Berlin I have participated in exchanges with Princeton University and Durham University. The year in Vienna was very important for me because it allowed me to engage with many different areas of Philosophy and I am grateful for the stimulating and at the same time friendly environment. Now in Princeton I am enrolled in the Classical Philosophy Program.

My desire for the future, indeed, is to do research in Ancient Philosophy, dealing mainly with Plato but also with Aristotle, Parmenides and the Stoics. Besides Ancient Philosophy, I am eager to broaden my knowledge in Metaphysics and Philosophy of mind. I have recently started to combine these last two interests with my great passion, music. Thus, at the moment I am focusing on metaphysics of music and I hope to be able to do research on the cognition of music, too. Music is indeed my first interest beyond philosophy: after studying the piano for seven years, I have recently begun to learn how to play the cello. Among my interests there are also running, writing short stories – I have published a couple of them – and of course travelling and discovering new places.