June 13, 2021

The publications below are listed by date.

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Ben-Yami, Hanoch. Forthcoming. The Quantified Argument Calculus and Natural Logic. Dialectica.



The works listed below predate the development of the Quarc formal system, first published in (Ben‑Yami 2014), although the ones contained in (Lanzet & Ben-Yami 2004) and (Lanzet 2006) are close to it and contain some results transferable to it. (Ben‑Yami 2004) allots an essential role in the development of the alternative logic to the notion of plural reference, as do some other works listed below, a notion which later became redundant for this purpose. All the same, these works contain some investigations relevant to Quarc which are not found in later works, as well as comparisons with other systems – primarily plural quantification logic and generalised quantifiers – which are applicable with little modification to Quarc as well and which also are not contained in later publications.

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