Minorities and Philosophy

October 15, 2017

The CEU Department of Philosophy is a member of MAP (Minorities and Philosophy), a graduate student-led initiative in English-speaking philosophy departments across the world. The initiative is meant to address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy, to provide a platform for discussion of theoretical issues concerning philosophy of gender/race/sexual orientation/class/disability etc., as well as to foster engagement with philosophy done from minority perspectives.

The department’s chapter is committed to the abovementioned objectives. The department has hosted meetings, discussions and talks on MAP-related topics, and is planning film screenings on such topics. Building a mentoring network between department’s alumni and current students, with a special focus on dealing with problems of minority participation and implicit bias in the field, is also planned.


Currently, the chapter is coordinated by Marta Santuccio and includes several student members: 

  • Mentoring program team: Garrett Mindt, Jamie Elliot, Yulia Kanygina, Heather Morris, Jelena Slavic, Daria Vitasovic.
  • Events team: Marta Santuccio, Daria Vitasovic.
  • Support from the faculty side: Maria Kronfeldner.

MAP application and first steps were done (AY 2016-17) by: Olesya Bondarenko, Jamie Elliott, Zsofi Gode, Murat Gulsacan, Maria Kronfeldner (faculty), Marko Konjovic, Marta Santuccio.

We welcome new members as well as suggestions of possible activities and events.

Email us: ceumap@ceu.edu


CEU-MAP Mentoring Scheme

As part of the ongoing mission of the CEU-MaP chapter to better serve the needs of students in the department we have designed and begun to implement a mentoring scheme available to MA and PhD students. The mentoring scheme is meant to be a network of individuals at various stages of their careers to facilitate a knowledge and skill exchange between those at the earliest to latest stages of their philosophical training. Our hope is that such a mentoring scheme will help those at the MA and PhD levels navigate any difficulties that come along with graduate study and to learn from those with more experience. If you have any questions about the mentoring scheme please feel free to contact us at ceumap@ceu.edu.