Why Philosophy at CEU?

About the Department

CEU’s Philosophy Department is internationally recognized as one of the top analytic philosophy programs in continental Europe. Its faculty has published in the best journals and presses in the world. The Department was ranked #34 in the QS World University Subject ranking in 2023. QS World University Rankings for Philosophy 2023 | Top Universities

Faculty Books

  • The Department uniquely combines analytic and historical approaches to philosophy. This feature of our program allows for a fruitful dialogue between contemporary philosophy and its history.
  • The Department has colloquia almost every week with guest lecturers of international stature and a chance for students to meet with them in an informal setting. See here the list of past events and upcoming events.
  • The Department hosts, or is a member of, a number of international research projects and networks, which bring intellectually exciting events to the department and provide opportunities for our students to establish further connections. For a brief description of the projects below, click here.

About the Programs

  • Apart from conferences and workshops, the Department regularly hosts academic events for graduate students such as our annual in-house graduate conference which gives our own students the chance to present their work, and a biennial international graduate conference open to students from other universities
  • Financial aid in form of stipends or tuition discounts is available to both MA and PhD students. The overwhelming majority of  MA and PhD students in the Department of Philosophy receive some form of financial aid.
  • The Department has placed its PhD alumni with permanent or tenure track full-time positions at leading universities in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and elsewhere. Others currently have researcher or postdoc positions in US, UK, German and other universities. Its MA program prepares students to continue their studies at leading PhD programs, and many of its alumni have continued their studies at top universities, especially in the US, UK and other English-speaking countries.
  • The Department’s strong focus on the philosophy of mind and related subjects, and its joint and cross-listed courses with Cognitive Science, afford an excellent opportunity for the interdisciplinary study of the mind. Some recent courses in the field:
    • Perception, Thought and Consciousness
    • Action and Agency: Causal and Teleological Interpretations
    • Consciousness and the Physical World
    • The Origin of Concepts
    • Wittgenstein on Thought and Imagination

This shared focus comes with a variety of views on the same subjects, which is conducive to a fruitful dialogue.

  • The Department has strong presence in the history of philosophy, in ancient and early modern philosophy in particular. We study the history of philosophy in light of contemporary issues, and approach contemporary issues in a historic perspective. Some past courses that combine historical and contemporary approaches:
    • Meaning and Truth in Ancient Philosophy
    • Descartes' Philosophical Revolution
    • Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
    • Heidegger

Student Testimonial

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Abul shapes his future at the Philosophy Department at CEU. Click the above image to watch the Abul's testimonial.

About CEU

CEU is an English-language university with an exceptionally diverse international community, with students coming from over 100 countries, and faculty from some 40 countries, which makes for an unusually stimulating environment, both intellectually and socially.

  • CEU is a largely post-graduate institution with a small undergraduate student body. Students receive a great deal of personal attention, and classes have a low student/professor ratio.
  • CEU has a student services division providing for various practical, personal and social needs of its students. Cultural events from music and dance to art and regional based programs are offered regularly as are language courses including courses in German.
  • CEU’s environment is friendly, informal and supportive.

Applying to CEU

For information on application and admission to our programs, please consult our MA Programs and PhD Program admission pages, and the CEU Admissions pages.