Ruben Noorloos

Year of Enrollment: 

My research explores the theory of mind called mind-body parallelism, particularly the form of it that was held by Spinoza. At present, mind-body parallelism is a badly understood position: basic questions, such as whether it is a form of dualism or monism, what relations (if any) it has to panpsychism, and how its denial of mind-body interaction is to be understood, are still far from resolution. It is also unclear what implications parallelism has for moral psychology: for example, it is unclear what a parallelist account of consciousness or the will would look like.

In my research, I attempt to answer these questions. I try to formulate a form of mind-body parallelism that is as clear and cogent as possible, and I investigate the role that it plays in Spinoza’s own accounts of consciousness and will. In doing so I combine systematic and historical approaches to parallelism. In the end, I hope to show that parallelism steers an interesting and powerful middle ground between dualist and physicalist positions.

I am also the co-author of two papers in the philosophy of education. These can be accessed through my Researchgate profile (linked below).


MA Philosophy, Utrecht University
BA Liberal Arts & Sciences, Utrecht University