Marta Santuccio

My main field of interest, both within and outside academia, is consciousness.

The aim of my research is to produce a process-based account of consciousness and to inquire whether this strategy may help push the debate forward.
The starting point of my research is the current dissatisfaction with traditional dualist and physicalist views to provide us with an adequate account of consciousness. Interestingly, both share a common presupposition: that consciousness should be understood solely by appeal to phenomenal properties. This, I argue, is the womb of the challenges that each of these views faces. In my thesis I aim to get beyond this restrictive presupposition and to produce an account of consciousness centred around the idea that experience is, first of all, a process.
If successful, this view could help us produce a unified account of the universe, as opposed to dualism, while also being enabling us to trace the emergence of human consciousness to facts existing at the fundamental level of reality, as opposed to physicalism.

Before starting my PhD here at CEU I completed a Philosophy MLitt at the University of Glasgow, where I did my thesis on the metaphysics of temporal experience.

When I am not doing philosophy I make immersive art experiences, based on meditation and self-awareness, for participants to explore deeper states of the Self. You can find some of my older works here