Garrett Mindt

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I am a doctoral candidate at CEU in Budapest. For the fall of 2018 I'll be a visiting fellow at the Wisconsin Institute of Sleep and Consciousness.

I completed my MA at the University of Liverpool and my BA at the University of Arizona. My research is focused on the relationship between information and consciousness. Specifically, I am interested in whether it is at all possible to give an information-theoretic account of consciousness, and if such an account is possible, would it stand in a position to account for the hard problem of consciousness? Recently, this research has been focused on one particular neuroscientific theory of consciousness that attempts to do just this – Integrated Information Theory (IIT) of Consciousness. Through studying IIT, I hope to see what the benefits and shortfalls of this particular theory are and whether these can give us clues for understanding consciousness as an information-theoretic phenomenon.

Aside from my doctoral research, I'm also involved in a project on the epistemology of AI. Given the increasing prevalence and sophistication of AI and its integration into our society and economies more generally, the project asks a number of relevant epistemic questions concerning the nature of the outcomes of these systems. See the attached TEDx talk "Machine Intelligence and the Future of Knowledge" to learn more about the project.


2014 MA Philosophy, The University of Liverpool
2013 BA Philosophy, The University of Arizona


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