Introduction to Cognitive Science

Course Description: 

This course will give a broad overview of the fundamental concepts, findings, and methods in Cognitive Science, the interdisciplinary study of the mind. It will start with a short historical overview. The following five lectures will highlight important approaches to Cognitive Science that are represented at the department. Five more lectures will introduce important research methods in Cognitive Science using domains of study represented at the department. In the last session students will present research ideas.



Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, students will:

  Be able to explain and actively use core concepts in Cognitive Science

  Be able to critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different methods used in Cognitive Science

  Know how the different disciplines constituting Cognitive Science relate to one another

  Have an overview of the main research questions in Cognitive Science

  Be able to effectively present original research ideas to an audience of peers


    for Grade

(1)     Presentation of research idea in the last session (45% of final grade). A 10 minute presentation (time will be strictly limited) of a research idea that turns a theoretical question in Cognitive Science into an experiment/study testing a specific hypothesis. The presentation will specify the link between theory and data, the study design, the material and/or apparatus used, the measures recorded, and the predicted results.

(2)     Long abstract of the research idea to be presented (45% final grade). A 500 word text describing the same research idea as the presentation. This should include a critical discussion of potential problems with the proposed idea (100 words). Deadline 1st December 2016. Send to before the deadline.

(3)   Contributions to discussion (10%). Attendees are expected to be present during all sessions and to contribute with questions and comments to the discussions. 

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