Doctoral Reading Seminar

Course Description: 

In the reading seminar, students read and discuss recent work in a variety of philosophical areas. This is intended to help them keep abreast of recent developments and also widen and deepen their acquaintance withá a variety of philosophical subjects. The seminar meets every second week and is coordinated by a 2nd or 3rd year doctoral student. The seminar is open to all students and faculty and all the department will be informed on the readings, but attendance in eight meetings annually is mandatory for 2nd and 3rd year doctoral students.

The 2nd and 3rd year doctoral students suggest the reading material, something recently published, preferably an article in a journal or collection (being more self-standing than a book chapter). They may also suggest papers not directly relevant to their research. A suggested paper should be approved by the director of the doctoral programme. The person suggesting the paper introduces it in 20 minutes or so, offering background where necessary and explaining the relevance of the paper and why it was suggested, and then the floor is open for discussion. Every meeting is attended by at least one faculty member.

Learning Outcomes: 

Students will improve their dialectical skills and acquire wider and deeper acquaintance with contemporary philosophical research.


Pass/Fail on the basis of satisfactory attendance.

Additional Information: 
Mand for 2nd & 3rd yr PhD
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